Advantages of Farrowing Crates For Pigs

If you have a piggery farm, know that you need to discover a way to create a lot of piglets each calendar year for profitability. However, this intention is not simple to accomplish currently mainly because of substantial piglet mortality price. There are a whole lot of factors that lead to piglet mortality. 1 of people variables is the absence of an crucial device in the manufacturing middle termed a farrowing crate.

If you are just beginning out, you may well not have any notion of the worth of farrowing crates for female pigs. Following birth, piglets wrestle to survive and many of them die. As a end result, you undergo a lot of financial decline.

So, if you are investing in pig farm gear, we suggest that you get farrowing crates. Some of their positive aspects are detailed down below:


If you have aggressive gilts, know that they may try to eat their piglets soon after providing birth to them. Basically, what occurs is that they keep licking the navels of their infants until eventually the piglets are torn apart. In this scenario, if there is a farrowing crate, it can enable protect against the catastrophe.


At instances, it occurs that the mother methods on her piglets when going all-around immediately after delivery. In some scenarios, she ends up falling asleep on her infants, which results in the dying of most of the infants. So, it is really superior to have this unit.

Births in Wallow

Below is yet another difficulty: if a expecting sow is specified entire independence to walk around, she might end up offering the child in the wallow. As a consequence, infants could die. So, owning a farrowing crate can help stop this type of incidents.

Lousy Sows

Just after shipping, it really is significant for sows to breastfeed the newborns. Nonetheless, some sows are too lazy to do that. Rather, they just lie in the wallow.


Piglets that are in look for of h2o are inclined to take in filth and drink urine. If you have a very well-designed farrowing crate, the mother pig is not going to be able to accessibility the feces and urine. To fulfill the needs of your animals, you can give a individual drinker and feeder as an alternative.

Biting Piglets

Piglets tend to bite other piglets, specially when they are about the weaning age. Nevertheless, if they are crated, it could not materialize.

Weaning Fat

When child pigs solution their weaning age, they will need to attain a great deal of excess weight. If you supply a separate feeder and drinker for them, it will support them acquire their weaning weight.

If you want to take pleasure in 99% output achievements, we counsel that you invest in quality pig farm machines. Based on the amount of breeding sows you personal, make positive you get the suitable selection of farrowing crates.

Getting a improperly made crate might induce a large amount of issues, these as:

  • Better piglet mortality
  • Foot Sores
  • Diarrhoea
  • Sow death
  • Sow lameness

To slash a extensive story quick, it is really essential for you to devote in effectively-designed pig farming products if you are likely to flip your business into a financially rewarding just one.

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