How to Lose Weight – Simply!

When I first started getting serious about losing weight, I knew all the whys – from health to appearance to agility and so on. But it seemed like the more I looked, the more confused I became about exactly how to lose weight. The good news is – I finally figured out it is actually really simple!

If you have been doing any research at all into weight loss – I’m sure you know what I mean! If you take everyone’s advice, you need the high protein, low carb, low calorie, protein free, high fiber, 10 hour workout in 30 seconds, $200 a day exercise program planner. Plus pre-packaged meals and roller blades for good measure! Then you’ll be able to lose 30lbs a day, feel better than you ever have and so on. The bad news? 99% of all that is just very glamorous advertising hype, designed to get you hooked on a repeating monthly subscription to something!

Here’s the good news – the “real” how to lose weight is incredibly simple! And with just a little education and a few basic tricks, anyone can lose weight safely and permanently. It won’t be 30lbs in a week – but that is neither safe nor permanent for most people – but it can be noticeable, steady and feel fantastic.

How to lose weight #1 – eat fewer calories than you need every day! Now that sounds easy, right? And it is – the only “trick” is in changing your lifestyle so that you control your calories, rather than them controlling you. Make sure you eat what you need as often as you need it – then you won’t be starving hungry when you come face to face with that doughnut!

Tip #2 – burn more calories every day. Ouch – that sounds like exercise! And it is – but exercise does not have to mean buying an impossibly tight lycra suit and hammering away at the treadmill for 2 hours a day. In fact, if you are just getting started, neither of those options is a good one! Just start increasing your physical activity everywhere you can. Park further away from the office or the store and walk in. Use stairs instead of the elevator – at least for a few floors. Take the long way round the block to pick up the kids. Remember – even if you only burn an extra couple of hundred calories this way – that could be another pound a week gone!

Tip #3 – drink water – and lots of it! Ask most people how to lose weight and they will come up with the first two, but water is your bodies main way to remove toxins and get back into shape – make sure it gets enough!

And finally – educate yourself! With these three tips, you can lose weight. But with education, you can lose weight faster and easier. So check out some weight loss review sites, plug into some email programs and get yourself a plan to become the new, sleeker you!

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